The new approaches to architecture are changing the appearance of our cities and their structures. New technologies and innovative designs which greatly enhance this change has resulted in advanced technical solutions for the transportation of passengers, goods and data transmission from conveying units.

All in all, these changes have pushed forth to the development of such lifts as the machine room less for more space efficiency, destination selection controls for very high traffic demanding buildings and e-escalators or e-travelators which have exceeded any expectations such as data transmission through Bus system, allowing inquiry and analysis of all essential system data via the internet within others.
Trust For Elevators as a representative of TK Elevator has geared its products to comply and be integrated to suit these needs and continuously advancing technologies.

TFE has been representing TK Elevator for over three decades now, during which time, we have completed a very wide variety of projects demanding in design as well as execution. Our expertise in design and wide experience allows our clients to benefit from our knowledge to achieve the conveying units most suitable for their needs taking into consideration the constraints induced by the architecture or structural design.

Our philosophy is built on clients’ satisfaction be it in products, design, installation, manufacturing and maintenance. The elevation or conveying of passengers/ goods demands safety, precision, comfort and style. Our strategy is to satisfy these points in every aspect in order to achieve the required end result to the client’s expectations.

Attention is given to each component in the elevator refinement in car decoration and in technical requirements to have the safety features compliant to the standards and regulations.

Our assistance extends as far as providing you with the studies, traffic analysis and design for your buildings conveying units at the early project design stage. Benefiting from our expertise and moulding your conveying needs to suit the projects requirements at the very start.

Our presentation encompasses some of our wide variety of products and portrays our ability to satisfy your requirements for the smallest and largest project you may imagine.

TFE will help you broaden your horizons in safety and comfort.