We undertake the task of maintaining the conveying units in order to achieve a consistent high level of performance. The packages of fully or comprehensive preventive maintenance ensure the proper functioning of the lifts and maintain the required level of safety for passengers.

Visit History

A detailed history of the elevator functioning and part replacements are registered and archived by the company. These files give a detailed description of the elevator maintenance visits, breakdowns, repairs and any other important details related.

Periodical visits

Routine maintenance visits are essential for the proper functioning of the units; hence, 12 maintenance visits, yearly, are dedicated to each unit and as often as the company deems necessary for the proper and safe operation of the units under the maintenance agreement. These works are during official working hours and any works performed beyond working hours.

Scope of work included

A systematic maintenance will be carried out monthly, consisting of checking and adjusting the functioning of all security devices, rope wears, stopping precision, noise vibration. The units will be cleaned and lubricated as well for the smooth operation of the units.
All necessary reparations in between periodical visits.

Guide shoe gibs and roller guides will be replaced whenever in our judgment this is deemed necessary in order to ensure the smooth and quiet operation of the elevators at the clients’ expense unless a full contract is requested as detailed hereafter.
Parts replacements as the need arises and if in our expert opinion deem it necessary with or without the prior consent of the client depending on the maintenance package chosen.

After each maintenance and repair visit, our technical engineer will fill out a voucher describing the work done and will get the signature of the client or the person in charge. Moreover, in case of any irregularities found during the visit, the technician will explain to the client or his representative the nature of the fault and the works necessary.

In the case works cannot be performed in the same day, our employees will report to the person in charge when these works can be completed.

If special repair works are required and necessitate the removal of one or several units out of operation, our maintenance department will contact the responsible in order to schedule it and give prior knowledge of such occurrence.

Call – Back Services

In case of any unforeseen breakdown, the company will answer your call within a working day time scope.

We provide a twenty four hour and seven days a week call back service.

We provide call back service inclusive in both types of contracts during official working hours only.
These are Monday through Friday from 8:00am- 4:00pm.
Saturday 8:00am – 1:00pm

Night Shift

This service operates Monday through Friday from 4:00pm- 11:00pm.

Week End Shift

This service operates Saturday 1:00pm to 11:00pm.
Sundays 8:00am to 11:00pm

Spare Parts

The company uses genuine manufacturers’ parts. The company will keep readily at its warehouse the amount of spare parts deemed necessary for the proper operation of the units.