After Sales Service

Choose between our Comprehensive Maintenance package & Full Contract

Maintenance packages

Comprehensive Contract

This package entails the prior consent of the client for parts replacement such that his written consent is required before repairs can take place. However, it is inclusive of the work scope described above.
The cost for such works will be invoiced as an additional to the maintenance agreement.

Full contract

This package entails the replacement of parts or repair, as the company deems necessary and this inclusive of the following: windings, guide shoes, roller guides, bulbs, controller parts, electronic cards, brake coils, brake linings, intercom system, door operating equipments, and any other electrical or mechanical parts required for the proper operation of the equipments. The totality of parts changed annually should not exceed in any case a value of seventy percent of the annual maintenance charge per lift. However, this is not inclusive of door
panels or jams, car enclosure in its entirety such as false ceilings, ashtrays, mirrors, handrails, decorative panels and flooring or hoist way enclosures, entrances, door frames and sills.

In the case replacement is required for parts not included above, the prior consent of the owner is required and the cost will be invoiced as a supplement to the agreement.