Dumb Waiters

No matter in Restaurants, Hotels, Pharmacies, Hospitals, Offices, Shops or even in Residences where there are more than one level, to carry packages, medicines, dishes, documents or any other things up…

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Platform Lifts & Chair Lifts

ThyssenKrupp Access / TFE has assembled a number of versatile and customized platform and chair lifts that will enhance the conveying capabilities for every home be it for handicapped use or just an…

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Industrial Platforms

Beside all previous products, TFE can also supply, mount and assure the maintenance of Industrial Platforms from ThyssenKrupp. Download Brochures:Goods Lift Full Catalogue Industrial Lifts Full Catalogue

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Escalators & Travelators

Escalators and Travelators are the most simple conveying units to be integrated in a building structure with the highest traffic capabilities. Escalators and Travelators are the most impressive way to…

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Inclined Lifts

A technological innovation in the elevator’s field:The hydraulic or electrical inclined lifts with front or side access are a complement to the escalators in carrying people, trolleys and disabled. Download…

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ThyssenKrupp / TFE range of elevators is extensive in variety from finishes to sophisticated technology. The lifts available entail a very high range of speeds from 0.5 up to, and not limited, 8.5 m/s; large capacities for Freight use, Panoramic lifts,…

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